Cactus: “Hej Cucumber, are you playing submarine again?”

Satellite: “Playing submarine turns them into sea cucumber. I love sea cucumber. But I can’t see any.”

Submarine: “That’s because you are so fixated on the earth! From here, out of the office, I can see it clearly – green and weightless!”


In our projects, we keep expanding the possibilities of theater. As experts in fiction and drama we seek to enter into other relationships with the world. We create scenes and situations in which art becomes research and the audience becomes part of the work of art.

We are creating art because we believe that we have to face fear, hatred and injustice with the sunniest and liveliest of humankind: our desire to play, our thirst for knowledge, our longing for a different and better world.

Our Team

BÜRO GRANDEZZA is an independent theatre group around Andreas W. Kohn and Katharina Wolfrum. BÜRO GRANDEZZA developed out of various work contexts that reach back to 2016: Among other projects, we collaborated in the productions of the collective KOMMANDO PNINIM (2016-2019, founded by Isabelle Cohn and Andreas W. Kohn). We produced, for example, the musical theater performance “Der Abschlussball der großen Erzählungen” (“The prom of the great stories”), the discursive play “Konsul Bernick muss nochmal ran” (“Konsul Bernick has to muck in again”) or, together with political scientists, the Trump performance “100 Tage Great Again” (“100 Days of Great Again”). Another part of our shared history are free projects with the TRUGSCHLUSS collective, for example the #mphil125 music hangar with the Munich Philharmonic in the Gasteig cultural center.

Andreas Kohn


Andreas has 1 million project utopias in the drawer. He implemented eight of them since 2016. Remain 999.992. Besides theater, he can also fly paragliders and hang gliders, advise governments and play saxophones. After all.

Katharina Wolfrum


Could be Chancellor or at least run all ministries. Unfortunately, she is not available because she is busy with at least three other projects. Theater specialist. The only mother in the group. Does not really like quinces that much.