The Munich 2051 Climate Conference

2050 is the horizon of today's climate policy. Most goals, plans, and actions of the present time are aimed at this date. Germany should then be carbon neutral, and a global transformation of lifestyles and the economic system should have taken place. In a certain sense, 2050 is the end of the future we are talking about today. In 2051 this future will have become past. In that year, Munich will become the center of a global discussion of the past when the "2051 Munich Climate Conference" takes. The symposium has the mandate to study the knowledge and discourses on climate change from the time when the Paris Climate Agreement came into effect - today. The 2051 Munich Climate Conference is a gathering of scientists, researchers, and scholars concerned about the challenge of anthropogenic climate change. It will take place on 12-13 June 2021 as a combined online and live event, and be open to the general public.

The Call for Papers is out since mid-October 2020. Further information can be found on Munich 2051.

Benno Heisel | Director
Andreas W. Kohn | Director
Susi Gelb | Szenography and Spaces
Dr. Sebastian Schindler | Science
Dr. Markus Kink | Science & Video
Martha Pinsker | Costumes
Nikolaus Witty | Concept and Idea (2018-2020)

18.-19. September 2021

digital and in the Bellevue di Monaco

Supported by
Municipality of Munich - Cultural Department
Bellevue di Monaco