Emergency Residency Program for Performative Artists from Ukraine

In response to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the Playground-team initiated an emergency residency program for performative artists from Ukraine in Munich. It is about organizing accommodation and financial support, as well as exchange and work opportunities for at least a month, but if possible longer. If you have a free room or flat and can accommodate someone or want to provide help in any other way – please get in touch! If you can support us financially, please donate. You are making it possible to expand the program.
The first artists of our emergency residency program, Iryna Kudria, Uliana Horbachevska and Kateryna Pits have already arrived. The program is intended to be the start of long-term solidarity and artist-to-artist support, which is also to be continued for other artists and countries in order to consolidate this ‘nomadic solidarity/ground solidarity’ in our artistic work. The emergency residency program is an initiative of Playground GbR in cooperation with Büro Grandezza e.V. and the support of other Munich artists. For accommodation options, questions about the program and other support options, please contact playground@annakonjetzky.com
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Büro Grandezza e.V.
Credit Institution: GLS-Bank
IBAN: DE86 4306 0967 1057 7639 00
All donors receive a donation receipt and a list of how the funds are used. If youhave any questions about donations, please contact  jz@buerograndezza.org