The 2051 Munich Climate Conference

How will humans look back on today 30 years from now? How do scientific findings, social discourses and political action appear in retrospect? 


The 2051 Munich Climate Conference is a gathering of scholars, researchers and artists presenting contributions on the challenges of anthropogenic climate change. T2051MCC works with a fictional setting: We are looking back at today’s knowledge from imagined futures. 45 scholars are participating in this combined live and online event.

The live event which includes performances, room installations and an exhibition of artefacts will take place in Munich at Bellevue di Monaco, where a team of artists create a setting for the audience to witness the sessions and listen to keynotes and presentations. Mirroring the live event and space, Mozilla hubs are used to create a fictional online world, which participants can explore from home. All the contributions will be embedded into this world that unites science and art. Thus, virtual and live participation will be equally valued. As a future academic conference, it will be open to the general public. Admission is free, registration is recommended.

For participating on site, visit the website. You’ll find a link to register on each sessions page. participate online, join our virtual spaces or watch the livestreams (link on each sessions page

On day one we assume a future where the global heating surpassed a global temperature of 2°. On day two the future world is described as it remained below the 1.5° threshold. The academics imagine utopic and dystopic future scenarios and the paths that lead us there.

2 days. 12 sessions. 25 presentations from 45 scholars. 

Keynote Speeches: Adenike Olasdosu, Elizabeth Wanjiruh, Helena Gualinga, Saleemul Huq
Opening Speeches: Yolande Bönning, Anja Paolucci
Artistic Statements: Taigué Ahmed, Claudia RObles-Angel, Studio Pangolin
Moderation: Nabila Abdel Aziz, Souad Alfa, Zahra Akhlaqi, Sebastian Schindler
Performance: Diana Marie Müller, Robert Spitz

Learn more about the conference in this guide: 210910_Guide_07 (